• About Me

    Sue Pilkington, Somerset Homeopath, BSc(Hons) Comp. Sci. RSHom

    Like many people, I was introduced to Homeopathy as a last resort for my child's health.

    When my son was about 2, every night at 11pm on the dot he would cough and then throw up. The GP had no idea why. We tried everything but one dose of a homeopathic remedy and he didn’t throw up again – astonishing!

    Who wouldn’t want to know more after that?

    Unable to find a short evening or weekend course to learn basic Homeopathy, I enrolled at Purton House School of Homeopathy on a 1 year acute prescribing course. From day one I was hooked and stayed on for the full 4 year professional Homeopathy course.


    I love working with people to improve their health. Since graduating in 2004 I have run clinics in Wells, Street and now Wellington (gradually heading south!) although I also work via Skype and Facetime for people living further away or abroad.


    Remember those courses that I couldn't find? I now run them!

    My Homeopathy at Home course runs over 2 evenings giving you enough information to take care of your family's day to day health issues without actually becoming a homeopath (although one person who attended a course has!).


    My early career started with an Honours Degree in Computer Science leading to work in IT technical support and recruitment.

    I then spent over 10 years in the NHS as a GP Practice Manager and as a freelance manager after that.

    My experience in the NHS increased my passion about fostering a return to self-reliance for acute health conditions. A homeopathic approach can raise our levels of health, reduce dependence on medication and alleviate the pressure on the NHS - a precious resource that we cannot afford to lose.


    I take part in regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD). and in 2013 I qualified in Homeopathic Supervision which I offer to students and practitioners.

  • Testimonials

    Thanks to everyone below for their generous and inspiring feedback

    "I'm utterly amazed. I woke this morning without the pain in my lungs. In fact I felt it lifting yesterday evening after I texted you. I was utterly exhausted yesterday which is understandable. By 9pm I was in bed and couldn't keep my eyes open but already by then, I'd felt a lifting in my right lung and it is all but gone. There is a little tightness left which some self-care will sort out and I imagine my muscles are tense from fear and lifting myself to breathe properly. Tears of joy this morning rather than tears of grief.

    Thank you so, so much for your care. x"

    “My situation at the time Sue was recommended to me (by a G.P./close family friend) was an extremely complex one and my first experience of any physical/emotional health issues. I was suffering from clinical depression, chronic anxiety disorder and PTSD due to a series of life events and physical health problems, an extremely dark period for a mid-twenties, outgoing, ´high flying career girl´ with a lust for life to endure. I was terrified, desperate and trusted no-one least of all myself. The remedy Sue recommended certainly had an impact. It was gentle but the change was definite and unlike coming to terms with the (possible) side-effects of a prescribed medication (not that they don´t have their place), the only effects I noticed were positive ones and my symptoms eased. Sue was warm, approachable, communicative and clearly very knowledgeable, qualities that were vital to me at that time as I had lost faith in ´normal´ medicine. I trusted her and it was a wise choice. Homeopathy gave me glimmer of hope when I felt absolutely devoid of anything else and I highly recommend Sue to anyone considering an alternative treatment. “

    "The side effects of my cancer medication are spikes of high blood pressure and hot flushes - homeopathy helps me to control these side effects. This helps me to stay on the maximum dose of medication, avoid additional medication and it helps me to feel more in control of my health at a difficult time. Learning about Homeopathy from Sue has enabled me to become confident in prescribing for myself during these episodes and, although initially cautious, I have been amazed at how quickly the remedies can work."

  • Somerset Homeopathy

    Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and non-toxic healing methodology. It can be used by people of all ages including at sensitive times of life such as pregnancy, for babies and for the elderly. It can be used alongside pharmaceutical medication and to promote detoxification and restore balance in health.


    The homeopathic approach is holistic : it recognises that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of imbalance in the body and we use those symptoms to find what needs addressing within the person rather than treating particular diseases.


    The homeopathic approach is individual : people with the same ‘disease’ will express individual symptoms e.g two people with ‘hayfever’ may express different symptoms – one having a runny nose, streaming eyes and lots of sneezing, the other being blocked up with gloopy eyes. These require different homeopathic remedies. So in order to match a remedy to the person, the homeopath needs to have a complete picture of the patient, their symptoms and how they experience them.


  • Homeopathy for You


    Inherited health tendencies

    Homeopathy pays particular attention to familial tendencies such as allergic conditions/over-sensitivity or susceptibility to particular chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems or mental health issues.

    Often, over time, I work with different members of a family, with the benefit that the whole family’s health, energy and well-being improve.

    I provide support between consultations so that you know what to expect as you become more familiar with homeopathy and you become more confident in day to day illnesses. You could also attend my Homeopathy First Aid course

  • Consultations

    What happens during a consultation?

    The aim of the consultation is to enable me to understand you and the unique way in which you relate to your symptoms. Most patients find this an interesting and gentle discussion regarding personal and family medical history, your likes/dislikes, lifestyle, environment and relationships. The conversation is geared to your needs and is appropriate for children if they are the patient – play and drawings can provide lots of information! All interaction between us is confidential.

    The first consultation will take around one and a half hours with subsequent appointments taking around 45 minutes. Sometimes it is possible for me to supply a remedy immediately but mostly I post out remedies within a few days.

    I advise an initial follow-up after a month although timing of consultations may vary according to the severity and length of your health issues. Once improvement is established, appointments will naturally space and then some patients have a consultation once or twice a year to maintain their improved health or to discuss other health issues. As part of the consultation, I set out how your treatment might progress so that we can agree this together.

    Consultation Fees

    My consultation fee is £50 per appointment. This fee covers the consultation plus time for me to work on finding the best remedy for you. Remedies are also included - unless it is a liquid remedy bottle to be used only by you in which case I will advise you how to buy this from a homeopathic pharmacy. Payment can be by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer prior to the appointment.

    Home visits can be provided locally, with an additional £5 charge to cover time and travel.

    Posting remedies abroad: I am happy to do this with an additional £5 charge to cover postage, time etc.

    Family discounts can be arranged, please discuss directly with me.


    Acute prescriptions:

    Consultation fees cover acutes arising within 4 weeks and I encourage patients to contact me if anything arises in this time as it may be a short-lived remedy reaction. I am always happy to speak with people between appointments to answer any queries they may have regarding their treatment.

    At any other time, acute prescriptions cost £15 - I try to keep the cost low to encourage use of homeopathy for acute issues by those patients not in active treatment but reasonable enough to cover my time and work in selecting the remedy.


    Cancelled appointments:

    Please give at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend for any reason. If such notice is not given, a cancellation fee of £25 may apply.

    Professional conduct:

    I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths and work to a professional code of ethics and guidelines including confidentiality. My aim is to help you regain the best level of health possible. Should you feel uncertain about any aspect of your treatment, please feel free to contact me for further information or explanation.

    I am registered with the Data Protection Registrar and handle your data securely and in confidence. I will never pass on any of your details.


    Homeopathic emergencies:

    Please leave a message on my mobile: 07957 881325 and I will contact you as soon as possible.

    It is useful to have a homeopathic remedy kit for emergency use.


    If you cannot get hold of me and require an acute homeopathic prescription or you have an emergency, you can call The Homeopathic Helpline on 09065 343 404. The lines are open 9am-midnight, 7 days a week.

    Calls are charged to the caller’s telephone bill at £1.55 per minute + network access rates – calls are usually completed within 10 minutes.


  • Homeopathic First Aid:

    The supermodel Cindy Crawford stated on the Oprah show that she is the doctor for her family, a big fan of homeopathy and uses a remedy kit.

    Brilliant - Cindy Crawford and I have something in common!

    You too could become confident at managing first aid situations and your family's everyday health with a homeopathic remedy kit.

    See details below...

  • This course covers:

    • the basic principles of homeopathy - notes provided.
    • how to take an acute case - with checklists to help you.
    • remedies, what are they and how to choose the right one.
    • remedy reactions and when to repeat.
    • what is appropriate to deal with at home and when you need further help from your homeopath or GP/Pharmacy.

    I offer limited places to enable discussion and the course runs over 2 evenings so that you have the opportunity to go away, use your remedies and come back to discuss your experiences.


    After the course, you will be able to access regular updates and tips sheets. I offer a weekly phone-in time to discuss any queries about prescribing so that you can learn more as you use your kit.


    "My home kit has been really useful and I always keep it to hand. I like the fact that you can top up the remedies you use most, without having to buy a whole kit, too. Thanks Sue!"

    "Having a remedy kit at University is really helpful – if only to help me get over the big nights out! I also used it for a recurrent eye infection and it saved me going to the medical centre."


    £35 for the course (Usually £45), INCLUDING the Helios 18 remedy kit shown above, worth £29.95 + p&p

    Tues 23rd July & Tues 30th July 2019 7.15-9.45.


    Saturday 12th October 2019 10.00-4.30pm

    Venue: Old Post Office, Nynehead or Central Wellington

  • Contact Me

    It is important that you feel comfortable talking with me. I am happy to have a free discussion with you regarding your situation and how we might work together.


    I could use a calendar app to book appointments or chats but that feels too impersonal so please just email me or pick up the phone to chat on 01823 216500 / 07957 881325 - if I am available I will pick up and if not I will return your call as soon as possible.


    Location: I am located in Nynehead, with easy access from Wellington and the surrounding villages such as Langford Budville, Bradford-on-Tone, West Buckland, Miverton and Wiveliscombe. Home visits can be done locally, with an additional £5 charge to cover time and travel.

    Nynehead is just 5 minutes from the M5/Junction 26 which also ensures accessibility for people from Taunton, Bridgwater, Tiverton, Cullompton and along the M5 corridor.

    I work with clients internationally via phone, Skype or Facetime.

    Somerset Homeopathy
    Old Post Office
    TA21 0BL
    01823 216500 / 07957 881325
  • Phone

    01823 216500 / 07957 881325

    I also work via Skype

  • Blog

    Thoughts on Homeopathy, Health and Wellbeing

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Sue Pilkington/Somerset Homeopathy Privacy and Data Protection Policy
Somerset Homeopathy provides homeopathic healthcare to individuals and families both in the UK and worldwide via internet-based software. 
This policy outlines how I collect, handle, store and retain personal information in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 25th May 2018. 
I will collect, use, store and retain personal information only to the extent that it is necessary to provide homeopathic healthcare services and will obtain your explicit consent for this. 
You will be able to subscribe to emails regarding my services and my blog and can unsubscribe to these at any time. You can choose whether to engage with my website and social media posts. 
I value data privacy and your data will never be shared by me unless forced to by law. 

Data collected and how it is used:

The Somerset Homeopathy Website collects cookies which are used to see how many users visited the site in order to track popular blog posts etc.  These do not allow me to see who visited the site. 
There are also opportunities on the website for users to email me or to subscribe to blogs/events/ offers etc. My website host (Strikingly) provides website forms that are GDPR compliant including a free-form message box where you choose what information to provide me with. 
Although I am selective about external links to websites which I think would be useful to users of my own website, I cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website. 

Clients.  In order to treat you, I will ask you to provide certain basic information, including: 
•	Your name – first name and surname
•	Gender
•	Date of birth
•	Email address
•	Telephone number(s)
•	Home address 
•	Medical history – on a form to be filled in prior to or at your initial consultation.
•	Information gathered at our consultations which can include sensitive personal data. 

To comply with GDPR, I have updated my client form to clearly show that notes, communications and prescriptions are held confidentially and to obtain explicit consent that I can use these solely for the purpose of your treatment 

Legally, I must keep your notes for at least 7 years, or 7 years after the age of 18 for children following the end of your treatment. Since patients often return for consultations after a period of absence, I will endeavour to contact you to confirm whether you wish me to retain your records or securely destroy them. 

Paper notes are held securely and I take steps to protect them against loss or theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Digital notes and correspondence are accessed via up to date software on a password-protected system. Any digital information held on the “cloud” is held on platforms provided by reliable companies.  
Course attendees: I hold information relevant to course or event bookings and the events that you have attended. Any feedback forms are treated as confidential. 

For clients and course/event attendees, I will obtain your consent to communicate with you by email, telephone and by post. You will have the option to opt out of any marketing emails. You can also choose to connect with me/Somerset Homeopathy via social media platforms. 
I do NOT hold any financial information regarding my clients or course attendees.  

Updates and Access:
To ensure that I have accurate and up-to-date information, please inform me of any changes to your personal information. 
You have the right to know what personal data I hold. You can make a request to do so in writing and I will endeavour to respond within 14 working days. 
Data Breaches:
If, despite the precautions taken, a data breach were to occur, I would contact any contacts who I believe may be affected. Where necessary, the Information Commissioner’s Office will also be notified. 
Contacting Us
If you have any queries regarding your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on our website or by email sue@somersethomeopathy.com .  

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Published May 2018 
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