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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has stated that Vets must use treatments with a 'recognised evidence base or sound scientific principles'. They went on to say that Complementary and Alternative Medicine (e.g. chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage) and Homeopathy in particular has no such basis. This effectively forces Vets to choose pharmaceuticals as a first line approach.

I do not wish our food chain to be compromised in this way and I feel strongly that pet owners should retain the choice of treatment for their beloved animals.

I am posting every day this week (World Homeopathy Awareness Week) about the role that homeopathy plays in my life and if this comes into law it would have a big effect.

I have attached below the email that I sent to the RCVS. If you would like to take action, you can copy this or use the email templates via the link below which provides a number of actions that you can follow:


To the President and Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Dear Mr President

Re: RCVS statement on homeopathic, complementary and alternative treatments

I was dismayed at the RCVS statement in November denying qualified vets from using their clinical judgement to decide on the best course of treatment for their patients, enforcing the use of pharmaceutical drugs on animals.

As I understand it there was no consultation on this matter with vets who practice homeopathy and CAM whose experience and clinical results can surely provide vital information in this matter.

This also denies animal guardians the opportunity to make an informed choice as to how their animals are treated. I have used homeopathy for my pets over the years, with excellent results. For more serious issues I would certainly like the option to choose a homeopathic approach for them.

One of my main concerns is that organic farmers, under Soil Association regulations, use homeopathy to treat their livestock. There are also several hundred other farmers trained by HAWL (Homeopathy At Wellie Level) to use homeopathy to treat their livestock. What other option do they have for non-toxic, cost effective treatment that works? Recently, in answer to a parliamentary question, DEFRA stated that they are not aware of any animal harmed as a result of being treated with homeopathy.

I would like due consideration to be given to the parallels of side effects and iatrogenically induced illness from pharmaceutical drugs and subsequent withdrawals of pharmaceutical drugs for humans. Pharmaceutical drugs with toxic side-effects cannot be enforced as first line treatment without consideration of the harm that they may inflict on animals and our food chain versus a homeopathic approach.

For the sake of animal welfare and the choice of how our animals are treated, I strongly endorse allowing Veterinarians trained and regulated in both pharmaceutical and homeopathic approaches to use whichever approach seems clinically suitable and with regard to the choice of the animal/livestock owner.

Yours sincerely

Sue Pilkington BSc(Hons). RSHom.

For a list of Councillors, MP & MEPS and Lords who you can email:

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