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Currently, there is one main topic in the news so let's look at: Coronavirus, flu, epidemics and homeopathic remedy possibilities.

Coronavirus, Flu and Epidemics

There is a lot of speculation about where the Coronavirus (2019-nCov) came from. A number of sources have pointed to the Wuhan Institute of Virology based research lab - probably the most comprehensive article about this is here. From a homeopathic viewpoint, wherever it came from doesn't matter, it is how as individuals we meet the challenge of being well and maintaining that health.

Coronavirus vs Flu - how do we tell the difference?

Both are infectious respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms but are caused by different viruses. Coronavirus is a SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) type virus. The public health concerns arise from the fact that it is a novel(new) virus to humans and so the unknowns are the rate and spread of transmission and the virulence of the virus.


The World Health Organisation says that currently of the people who get infected:

  • 82% exhibit mild symptoms
  • 15% suffer severe symptoms
  • 3% become critically ill.

This article from John Hopkins Medical Center in the USA compares coronavirus vs the flu:

  • Coronavirus (as at 24/02/2020) Approximately 80,000 cases worldwide with 2,628 deaths.
  • Flu estimated 1 billion cases worldwide with anywhere from 291,000 - 646,000 deaths per year

As a reference, Malaria kills between 400,000 - 450,000 per year, every year.

It seems difficult to tell the difference from the symptoms arising - and you can presume Coronavirus only if you have travelled to contaminated areas or been in contact with someone who has, directly or indirectly. The medical community does not currently have an antiviral medication to treat Coronavirus lung complications such as viral pneumonia. So it seems that those who are most susceptible to this already have underlying chronic disease and a weakened immunity.

Homeopathy and epidemics

Homeopathy has a great track record of success in epidemics such as the Spanish Flu in 1918 https://ndnr.com/nature-cure/a-cent/ury-after-the-spanish-flu and was used prophylactically against Leptospirosis in Cuba in 2007 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20674839. It was also useful in the Bird-flu pandemic https://homeopathyplus.com/homeopathy-and-the-bird-flu-crisis/.

Each year, homeopaths worldwide - in particular Dr Paul Herscu in the USA - do a lot of work regarding the genus epidemicus of the year's flu. The genus epidemicus is the most commonly indicated remedy based on the common and particular symptoms of a recent epidemic. Sometimes the remedy changes or shifts as new waves of the epidemic emerge. This is also done for epidemics such as the current Coronavirus. For further informaiton, see Dr Herscu's blogspot here  

Coronavirus - genus epidemicus

The current primary homeopathic remedy advised for Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) symptoms is Gelsemium with a possible following remedy of Eupatorium Perforatum, Bryonia or Belladonna depending on how the symptoms progress. There are other also other homeopathic remedies that are in common use for people with colds, coughs, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia.These do not prevent viruses but may reduce the severity and length of illness.

Gelsemium: Drowsy but often sleepless. Heavy, fatigue, chilliness, moderate fever, sneezing, watery nasal discharge. No thirst. Yawning. Deep-seated, dull aching in the limbs and joints. Banded feeling around head or occiput fullness. Apprehension, dread.

Eupatorium: Marked chill followed by fever 103° to 105° F/39° to 41° C. Pulsating frontal or occipital headache. Intense aching in back. Deep bone aching. Nausea. Vomiting. Larynx rough, scraping sensation producing cough. Oppression of chest with soreness. Restless.

Bryonia: Much chilliness, frequently with heat in head. Flushed face and much thirst. Heat more internal. Transient sweats of single parts. Dry cough which yields to blood specked expectoration. Constriction of chest and pressure on sternum. The symptoms all aggravated by motion… Desire to but unable to take deep breath.

Belladona:Heat, redness and burning. Bright flushed cheeks,dilated pupils, glassy eyed. Quick onset of illness and fever. Throbbing and pulsating pains. Extreme sensitivity.

Indian homeopaths have also advised considering Arsenicum album:

Arsenicum alb: Tremendous restlessness, sudden collapse, external coldness with internal burning, needs warmth apart form head which is better for cold. Fear of being alone, of death. Respiration difficult, acrid discharges.

Fear and immunity

In the Spanish flu epidemic, it was noted that fear increased susceptibility to the disease and also to the worst effects of the disease with people being literally "scared to death" when stricken with the flu. Anything that compromises our respiration can instil anxiety and panic and it is interesting to note that variations around symptoms of fear, anxiety. apprehension, feature in the remedy pictures above - as they would, in order to meet the symptoms of the disease.

However, it is important to note that fear can suppress our immunity (try googling fear and the immune system). The World Health Organisation has a pdf about how to cope with stress during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our best defence against the annual flu round and epidemics (which are all accompanied by fear and described repeatedly in the media in very fearful language) is to strengthen our health with good food, healthy lifestyle and the support of natural medicines such as homeopathy.

It may not be possible in the modern world to avoid viruses but with a good immune system, you stand a better chance of avoiding the worst effects and being able to shorten the period of illness.


If any of my patients are genuinely concerned about their susceptibility to the virus through travel or being in contact with people, I am happy to advise them about taking remedies or having remedies to hand in case of illness.

Where appropriate, I provide as much support as possible for patients with acute illnesses that may arise between appointments and there is a Homeopathic Helpline which is open daily from 9am - Midnight.

If you need to ring 111 or see your GP then homeopathic remedies can provide support while you are waiting to access these services.

NHS guidelines

The NHS provides guidance about stopping germs spreading and it is a good idea to instigate these and to explain to children how germs are spread so that they become aware of good hygiene.

The main crux of this is thorough, regular hand washing or use of disinfectant gel when out and about, maintaining a good distance between you and others, particularly if they have any symptoms such as coughing or sneezing. It is also a good idea to disinfect surfaces that are regularly touched - door handles, light switches,fridge door, toilet flush, soap pumps etc..


Please note that none of the above is a substitute for medical advice and if you are ill, please contact your GP or 111.

Somerset Homeopathy clinics and courses

Yes, my house will be going back on the market! As many of you know, since my husband Simon died in late 2018 and the 'kids' have mainly flown the nest, I am looking to downsize to a smaller house.

I am aiming to stay in the Somerset/Devon area and will arrange a regular clinic in Wellington. So please be reassured that I will be available to provide homeopathic support and treatment on an on-going basis.

In the meantime, I am a passionate advocate for everyone to be able to treat minor acutes at home with a homeopathic remedy kit. I will be running my two evening 'Homeopathic First Aid' course on Wednesday 29th April 2020 and Wednesday May 6th 2020. Contact me to register for the course or for more information.

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