Easter Greetings!

I hope, whatever your take on Easter is, that this weekend brings a time of respite and peace for you and your loved ones. My heart goes out to those who are working in retail/transport/public services etc to keep the world turning for those of us who are staying at home. I also know that there can be hardships in staying home – whether you are isolated alone or with others!!

However, if we can, it is a good time to embrace a slower pace of life and we may even thrive. I loved the Jamie Oliver episode on C4 this week (it might be episode 12) where he, his wife Jools and all the kids were still in their pyjamas and they seemed to be in some chaos but doing OK. Perhaps due to the industrial amount of chocolate that he seems to use!

Homeopathy in the time of Coronavirus

As I work at home, I can still see new and current patients via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or telephone. I have spoken to a range of people this week with residual symptoms following recovery from covid-type illness and others who want to use homeopathy for day to day minor issues rather than bothering their GP at this time.

I am happy to hear from any of my patients at this time - I always appreciate emails to say that you are still well!

If you feel coldy or fluey it may or may not be Covid. This is the time that having a homeopathic kit at home is a godsend - I have always advocated this for my patients as this makes treatment of any acute illness quick and easy:

  • First signs of feeling unwell: Taking a couple of doses of Aconite across an hour followed shortly by a couple of doses of Ferrum Phos can head off an amazing amount of colds/flu etc.
  • Fear and worry: If you are seriously worried about your health, the economy, everything else under the sun, take a 2-3 doses of Arsenicum Album over the course of a day. Obviously this is a really worrying time but you cannot think clearly if you are caught up in a total worry state.

For those who do feel that they are suffering more covid type symptoms, a colleague produced a beautifully clear sheet which can be accessed here.

What you can do

  • We all buy vitamins and minerals and then don't use them - dig them out and take them!
  • Eat fresh food rather than processed where possible - your body doesn't need the additives if it is fighting off any type of virus.
  • Use natural antivirals such as ginger, garlic etc. 
  • A tray of roasted veg, an organic stock cube and a hand blender - soup is a great thing to support you if you are feeling unwell.
  • Go out into the sunshine a couple of times a day even if just standing in your doorway with a cuppa. Natural sunlight is good for your immune system and can improve your mood. 
  • Follow this easy Qi-Gong video with 5 exercises to strengthen lungs here

Obviously if you experience any serious medical problems, call NHS111 or emergency service.

Homeopathy around the world

There are a number of other homeopaths around the world working together to find the genus epidemicus (set of remedies) that can help in this pandemic. I will send out information as and when I can.

CUBA: Of particular interest is the Cuba approach, which previously had great success in stopping the spread of leptospirosis with homeopathy (you can google this) and is now using homeopathy again, see here and here

INDIA: India has a far more integrated medical system and Dr Rajan Sankaran is calling for trials of homeopathy in Covid-19.

Below is an interesting infographic on Homeopathy use in epidemics.

Mental health at this time

Stay aware that the news and media are geared towards encouraging us to stay at home. This is fine advice but they do it by spreading fear. Stopping the spread of the virus is one thing but becoming paralysed by fear is another. When we feel ourselves becoming caught up in this or anxious or dwelling on things, this is an opportunity to step back and look at what is coming up for us. It is possible to find that we can view these thoughts or experiences as temporary and settle back into a calmer, more natural state. It takes practice but at the moment, we seem to have some time on our hands to do this!

I can recommend the Wisdom & Wellbeing Consultancy who are running a series of Webinars.

On Tuesday April 14th at 10.am they are running a seminar on Family Resilience: Find calm, clarity and common sense in uncertain times (perhaps we should alert Jamie Oliver - although to be fair, they seemed very calm!). https://www.facebook.com/events/3269759103036798/

In these times of uncertainty, Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy is offering you help, support and encouragement. Ian Watson and Vicky Otter are hosting this one. Vicky is one of our certified Wellbeing Practitioners who specialises in supporting children, young people and families.

Family Resilience

Homeopathy Awareness week 2020

With everything that is going on,Homeopathy Awareness week (10-16th April) is sliding by un-noticed. You can look for posts on most social media with the hashtags:

#HAW2020 #TryHomeopathy #Homeopathy or even #SomersetHomeopathy

One of the useful websites is Homeopathy Worked for me which can be found at:


Take care and please, stay in touch.

With love

Sue x

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