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Homeopathy, Hawking and Galileo.

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Stephen Hawking as a Time Lord?

I was very sorry to hear that the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died today.

He had am amazing approach to life and was an inspiration for living to the full within our capabilities.

I heard an intriguing clip on the Chris Evans' Radio 2 breakfast show with Professor Hawking answering a question about where in time he would go and who he would like to meet if he was a Time Lord. Prof Hawking answered that he would like to meet Galileo because he challenged the received wisdom of the science of the day (Aristotle-based physics) and fundamentally changed the way that we understood the world.

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual - Galileo

Revolutionary scientific research is happening all the time – The University of Southampton is at the forefront of cancer research using Immunology – providing individualised treatment by using the body’s immune system to eradicate cancer. This echoes what Samuel Hahnemann the originator of homeopathy said over 200 years ago.

Homeopathy - revolutionary science?

In homeopathy it is considered that symptoms are the body’s best attempts to re-balance what is out of kilter but that these symptoms persist and worsen when the body has insufficient energy to re-balance on its own.

Samuel Hahnemann told us (§29, Organon of the Medical Art) that homeopathic remedies work by producing a similar artificial transient disease. The correct remedy in the correct potency produces a slightly increased artificial disease thereby stimulating the body’s energy into providing a sufficient response to overwhelm the original disease.

Do we need to know this?

I am content with §28 of the Organon which basically says that how homeopathy works is not as important as the fact that it does.

I know this from seeing patients make good progress in physical conditions (eg skin disorders - see my previous blog post on cracked, chapped fingers) as well as emotional and mental issues such as stress, grief, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

There are incredibly intelligent scientists doing rigorous research on the mechanism of how homeopathy works, and if you are interested at that level then the Homeopathy Research Institute is a good place to look:

Homeopathy Research Institute

Weird, wacky and wrong?

As you can see, orthodox medicine is moving towards individualising treatments , using the body's own innate healing mechanisms - similar to the approach in homeopathy.

Far from being the domain of hippies, dropouts and people who weave their own sandals, homeopathy offers credible clinical evidence and a natural support for your family's health. Whilst we do not understand the mechanism fully yet, I am happy that homeopathy exists and that I get to work with people who benefit from it.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change - Stephen Hawking

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