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Homeopathy - the key to health

Choosing the right remedy, potency and repetition.

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I committed to writing a blog each day of World Homeopathy Awareness Week and I am running late with this one as it has been a busy Saturday!

I am lucky enough to belong to a group of homeopaths who meet every 6 weeks or so to further our homeopathic learning together. This morning's discussions included dementia, auto-immune issues, female health including endometriosis/fibroids/post-menopausal bleeding, gut health, calcium metabolism with the need for sufficient intake of Vitamin C and Magnesium and best supplements. Quite a wide ranging morning!

As a final topic, we revisited a brilliant analogy thanks to one of our members, Anthony Bickley.

The analogy is that a homeopathic remedy is like a key to unlock a person's health and vitality.

The right remedy is the key that fits the lock


Potency determines how far into the lock the key goes - it will only turn at the correct potency


Dosage/repetition is the number of times you need to turn the key to open the door

The simple elegance of homeopathy....

If you would like to explore improving your health with homeopathy, please message me or contact me via my website below

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