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Homeopathy - success with mental health issues

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Mental Health Week and the recent Coronation Street storyline of suicide has brought about a number of conversations, even at a business networking event last week where conversations turned to stress at work and how to consider our mental health.

When I worked as a GP Practice Manager, it was widely recognised that men of working age are the hardest population to reach and, because of they do not make use of support services, are also highly vulnerable to stress and depression.

Mind, body and spirit are all connected and long-term stress, worry or anxiety can be a pre-cursor to physical ill-health. In turn, chronic disease or long-term pain can result in a depressed state – this is why GPs have a depression questionnaire that they must ask people with chronic health problems.

As a homeopath, my aim is to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to explore whatever ails you, at any level. I don't diagnose, if you have a diagnosis I don't 'treat' that diagnosis but I am interested in your symptoms and how and why they came about as well as how they affect your health and well-being. My consideration is always "what is out of balance" and that is what we treat.

All illness is a spectrum and I work with people with a range of emotional and mental issues from family and employment worries, anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, to PTSD and severe depression.

If you would like to make an appointment, or to talk confidentially with me, please call me on

01823 216500 / 07957 881325 or email me.

For further information, you can read this blog: 

see the testimonial below and see recommended resources below that.

“My situation at the time Sue was recommended to me (by a G.P./close family friend) was an extremely complex one and my first experience of any physical/emotional health issues. I was suffering from clinical depression, chronic anxiety disorder and PTSD due to a series of life events and physical health problems, an extremely dark period for a mid-twenties, outgoing, ´high flying career girl´ with a lust for life to endure. I was terrified, desperate and trusted no-one least of all myself.

The remedy Sue recommended certainly had an impact. It was gentle but the change was definite and unlike coming to terms with the (possible) side-effects of a prescribed medication (not that they don´t have their place), the only effects I noticed were positive ones and my symptoms eased.

Sue was warm, approachable, communicative and clearly very knowledgeable, qualities that were vital to me at that time as I had lost faith in ´normal´ medicine. I trusted her and it was a wise choice.

Homeopathy gave me glimmer of hope when I felt absolutely devoid of anything else and I highly recommend Sue to anyone considering an alternative treatment. “

There are several books that I recommend reading:

I'm OK, You're OK by Thomas A. Harris

Positive Psychology for overcoming depression by Miriam Akhtar

Walking on Custard & the meaning of life by Neil Hughes (scientist, comedian and my nephew..)

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