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World Homeopathy Awareness Week

The role of homeopathy in my life

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It is World Homeopathy Awareness Week and I will be posting daily for the rest of the week about the role of homeopathy in my life.

Like many people, I came to homeopathy through seeking help for my child. As a toddler, he had a problem every night at 11pm – we called it “the 11 o’clock wibble”. He would cough a couple of times and then be sick, poor boy.

We tried changing the angle of his bed, changing his bedtime, we fed him very bland foods for his tea, reduced certain foods such as dairy etc. Weeks become months, our GP was baffled. In the meantime, we got quite fit sprinting up the stairs at the first cough and my son became very good at using a bowl.

This couldn’t go on, we were all exhausted.

My mother-in-law at the time found a book* on homeopathy and the local chemist sold homeopathic remedies. We chose Bryonia, gave him one dose because of the dry cough and nightly periodicity (we had no idea what we were doing!). Amazingly he wasn’t sick that night, nor the next night or any night after that. Wow!

I wanted to learn more but couldn’t find any evening courses to do. I found a Homeopathy College which ran a 1 year part-time ‘acutes’ homeopathy course as the first year of its professional training. I signed up – and stayed for another 4 years before graduating as a Homeopath in 2004.

The good news is that I now run those courses that I was looking for – in two evenings I can teach you to use a homeopathic remedy kit to support your family’s health.

This week I will share (with permission) as wide a range of cases as I can from my case books.

If you are curious about whether homeopathy would work for you, you can look at my Somerset Homeopathy facebook page, check out my website or feel free to drop me a message and we can make time to chat.

*The book was Dr Lockie Family Handbook of Homeopathy. It is possible to buy introductory homeopathy books quite cheaply second hand on Amazon or Ebay.

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