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More painful than childbirth?

Cases about kidney stones and gall-bladder colic.

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Pilkington's Casebook!

I am sharing cases for World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Here are two short, personal cases.

Back in 2002, when I was a student homeopath, my husband at the time had an attack of kidney stones. He was in serious, rolling on the floor pain so we decided to go to A&E.

As he was crawling (literally) out of the front door, I thought that I might as well try a remedy on the way to hospital. As soon as I gave it to him, he got up saying that his pain had gone and he felt so much better! I have never forgotten how fast that worked. We didn’t go to the hospital, we used homeopathy instead to help him pass several bits of ‘gravel’.

Some weeks later, the pain returned and he thought he should have it checked out. The Hospital Consultant informed him that there was a kidney stone the size of his thumbnail lodged in his bladder and needing surgical extraction (ouch). The op was scheduled for several weeks away so I changed the remedy to try to disperse the stone and he had no more problems.

On the day of his op, my husband reported that there had been no more pain but stopped short of saying he had been taking a homeopathic remedy in case the Consultant laughed at him. The Consultant was surprised at the lack of pain and somewhat concerned when he couldn’t find the large stone after extensive searching!

This was made worse by the fact that my father-in-law was a big-wig at the hospital so the Consultant was keen to do a good job. I’d like to apologise to that Consultant now – homeopathy got there first!

I used to work for a GP Practice and was sent home very ill one day with gall-bladder colic. Homeopathy worked a treat and I turned up for work the next day to the amazement of the GP who thought I might have been in emergency surgery about then….

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