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The dark clouds parted and it was like being in a shaft of sunlight

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World Homeopathy Awareness Week – day 3 of inspiring cases.

Although I am mostly approached to look at physical problems, very often the issue is rooted in mental or emotional states. These can respond beautifully to homeopathy and bring real change to peoples' lives.

I didn’t know ‘A’ – she was a friend of a friend who had asked to consult with me. We arranged a telephone chat as it was not possible for her to come to see me. It quickly became obvious that the minor complaint that she had initially presented was not the issue.

‘A’ had weathered some traumatic health issues and was now struggling with a deep depression that she could not see a way out of. She was able to talk to me about what she was going through and this enabled me to pinpoint a remedy which I thought might start to ease some of her depression.

I posted the remedy and gave assurances of my further support. The response I got was magical

I took the remedy - the dark clouds parted and it was like being in a shaft of sunlight”.

We had several more consultations by phone before we were able to finally meet – an emotional meeting if ever there was one!

This case was very early in my career but I have never forgotten this result.

Sometimes is it possible to easily see into the heart of what is needed, and other times it is more like peeling an onion, removing layer after layer until we reach the centre. Whenever I falter with a case, I think of ‘A’ now enjoying life to the full and that makes me focus harder to find the right remedy for my current patient.

If you would like to see whether homeopathy would benefit you, message me to arrange a free chat or to book an appointment.